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Look Both Ways


Look Both Ways

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11 Sesame Street Classics performed by ScribbleMonster!

Sesame Street Theme
Five People in My Family
Good Morning, Mister Sun
Clink, Clank
What Babies Are Called
I Want to Hold Your Ear
Just Happy to be Me
Loud and Soft
32 Cracks in the Sidewalk
Someday, Little Children

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Look Both Ways - The first review of ScribbleMonster's debut album was the first of many to describe the band's sound as "Sesame Street on Steroids."  Now ScribbleMonster® & His Pals lovingly put their spin on 11 of their Sesame Street favorites with guest performances by Steve Weeks and Racer Steve!  The result?  It sounds like a ScribbleMonster album.  Given ScribbleMonster's recorded history, that would mean there's a variety of genres and styles and it sounds like, you guessed it, Sesame Street on steroids - lots of fun, energy and character, with a ramped up, big guitar sound.

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