What Do You Love?

This month’s Question of the Week: What do you love?

We asked our esteemed panel of creative kids what they loved and you’ll never believe what they said! Actually, it’s all pretty believable. But our content director told us, “Be sure to lead with something like, ‘You’ll never believe what they said!'”

Look for another Question of the Week next month!

Night Owl and Early Bird

Night Owl and Early Bird is a little ditty about two birds who are very different, but are stronger and love each other very much because of those differences. Hmm… sound like any couple you know? For your listening consideration:

Night Owl and Early Bird is now available just about everywhere music is streamed or sold.


Our Summer Song

The weather in Chicago that winter wasn’t remarkably cold or snowy, but I think we may have set a record for days without sunshine. It seemed to rain every day in April and we still hadn’t had much sun or warm weather. There was finally a beautiful, warm, sunny day mid-May. I dropped everything and spent the day outdoors. I NEEDED the sun. I wrote this song the next day. “Our Summer Song” is a celebration of summer’s arrival. Summer had always been my least favorite season- HAD always – until now. I can’t wait for summer to arrive and already don’t want it to end.

Our Summer Song appears on the delicious Shark Sandwich.


The Half-Hearted Birthday Song

“You don’t have a birthday song?”, the fellow children’s artist asked. “You’ve got to have a birthday song. My birthday song is my best selling song on iTunes and it’s not even that good. Parents make playlists for their kids’ parties and download anything with ‘birthday’ in the title. You really need a birthday song.” Wow. Just a couple hours later the Mrs. & I were eating out and the restaurant “celebrated” with one of those awful royalty-free birthday songs performed with lethargy by the staff. Thus, this song was born – my rebellious, wise-acre addition to the crummy birthday song club. The song leaves most people scratching their head, but it still cracks me up.


The Half-Hearted Birthday Song appears on the award-winning Songs With No Character.

All Ready To Go!

There are certain songs that must be played together: Journey’s “Feeling That Way/Anytime”, “This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ To Glide” by The Kings, and “Good Morning Little Children, Wake Up!/All Ready to Go!” by ScribbleMonster. We had just recorded “Good Morning Little Children, Wake Up!” As the song was running through my head the next morning it continued on the with alarm, drum riff and pretty much the rest of “All Ready To Go!” I jumped out of bed, grabbed a guitar, and sang and played the tune into my recorder. The music and most of the words, were all there on the spot. Apparently the elves in my brain were working in my sleep.

You can here that first version here:

And the final version here:


All Ready To Go! appears on the award-winning Songs With No Character.

Good Morning, Little Children, Wake Up!

You know the joy of waking children in the morning? I needed to make it fun… for me. So it became part of my routine to happily flit from room to room, joyfully singing this song to my children. I would dance into the room, pull open the shades and sing to each of them a ridiculous list of all the things they would miss that day if they didn’t get out of bed. I’m pretty certain this is one of those situations where my kids didn’t understand or appreciate my humor, but it made my mornings better.


Good Morning, Little Children, Wake Up! appears on the award-winning Songs With No Character.

I’m A Shark (I Rock, I Swim)

I love sharks. They have been on the planet longer than trees and yet there is still so much we don’t know about them. Sharks constantly need to swim in order to breathe. Generally, they eat and swim in the ocean. Every day. It would have to get kind of boring after a while. But if you could take up a hobby, say, playing the electric guitar, that would help you pass the time away. If you’re a shark at a party and someone asks, “So, what do you do?” you would say something like, “I’m a shark; I eat, I swim.” This shark? He would reply, “I’m a Shark; I Rock, I Swim!” I want to party with that shark!

Click play below to give the song a listen. You can also download the song from our radio player. Long live sharks!


Three Voices, One Guitar and a Tambourine

I’m a big fan of kindness. “With a Smile (It’s Christmastime)”, is a reworking of a tune that originally appeared on the award-winning Songs With No Character. Jayne, Joyce and I were putting together a Christmas set and Jayne suggested the song could work with the other holiday songs. Changing the words “It’s pretty neat” to “It’s Christmastime” didn’t seem like a cheesy “Christmas Is All Around” move – not that cheese would stop us. We dug the simple arrangement and enjoyed the chance to play a song we normally wouldn’t play live.

Click play below to give the song a listen. You can also download the song from our radio player. Smile!



The Plight of the Bumblebee

Like everyone else, I’ve been hearing about the disappearance of the bees for the last several years. The bees! The bees! What’s the deal with the bees? When you take a moment to check it out, it’s kind of a big deal and we do have a lot of the answers. It’s crazy how we can often be so slow to react to problems we can solve. It seems there are a combination of reasons for the crisis, but those directly involved are more concerned about their financial interests and spending money on campaigns saying, “It’s not us!” rather than admitting their part and working together to find solutions. I was inspired to write my own musical PSA after doing some research on Colony Collapse Disorder and the threats to the honey bees. You can download our song “Shakin’ Up The Pollen” and print out an informational page with ways we all can help the bees here.


A New Approach

As you may know, ScribbleMonster does a lot of work with the special needs community.  Sometimes we present programs primarily intended for one group or another, but generally, we always want to include everyone who would like to play along.  We feel this promotes awareness, community, and understanding.  Surprisingly, we have found when we say something like, “all ages and abilities welcome,” it leaves some folks thinking, “Is this show for me?”

We are very excited and appreciative of the Des Plaines Public Library who are allowing us to try something different.  This Saturday, we are presenting a “Sensory Pre-Show” performance geared to children who have a hard time in large groups, are on the autism spectrum, or are sensitive to sensory overload.  This smaller, selective group will have a chance to warm up and play along with us for a half hour prior to everyone else joining in.  If they are comfortable enough to stay and play with us some more, great!  If not, we all enjoyed some quality playtime and that’s okay, too.

Please contact us if you would like information about any of our programs or would like to try a Sensory Pre-Show at your event.

Hope to play with you soon!

A Site Barely Alive

She’s breaking up! She’s bre… Our old website was an award-winning accumulation of 15 years that, sadly, had become the equivalent of dial-up internet and floppy disks. Bye-bye, ScribbleTown, it’s been fun. But, wait! We can rebuild it. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first, bionic ScribbleMonster.com. Better than it was before. Better, stronger, faster!

The new ScribbleMonster.com has been designed to work with all platforms and devices. You can stream all of our music- play full albums or ScribbleMonster Radio while you browse, easily check out future playdates on our Tour page, and we’ve even created a new-and-improved online ScribbleMonster Coloring Book on our Fun page.

We’re working on becoming better social neighbors, too. Please visit with us when you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest… even Myspace (is there anyone out there?). Like us, share us, tell your friends! Is there anywhere else you would like us to be? Anything else you would like us to be doing? Please let us know. We want to play with you!

Speaking of which, we have a whole lot of public shows in the Chicago-area this summer and just about every one is free. We’re grateful to get the chance to spend some quality musical creative playtime with you and hope you have the chance not only to see us, but to support these free programs with your attendance as well. Come play with us! Bring a friend! Tell a friend!

Hope to play with you soon!