As you know, children start out loving to scribble and create masterpieces. But by fourth grade, except for the identified “artists”, most children no longer feel good about creating art and become self-conscious about both the process and the product. What happens before fourth grade? Rules.

Kids learn they need to follow rules in order for art to be acceptable. Grass must be green, wheels must be round, people must have noses. Their creations are no longer theirs, but become carbon copies of everyone else’s in the class. There is no room for individuality, no margin for creativity. Kids need tools to encourage creativity and individuality, not conformity. ScribbleBooks do just that.

There are no rules when coloring in a ScribbleBook, because there are no lines to stay within! There is no wrong way to complete a ScribbleBook: Pre-schoolers are content to scribble away, while older kids enjoy adding detail and backgrounds to the illustrations in a non-restrictive format. Even adults enjoy creating ScribblePictures! By using this novel approach ScribbleBooks help inspire creativity. The end product will be something unique to your child. Best of all, when children complete these special illustrations, art becomes fun again!

ScribbleBooks convey simple messages without being preachy. Our stories are silly and just plain fun, but the message still manages to come across. In ScribbleMonster and the Crunchy, Crunchy Carrots, for example, ScribbleMonster reaps the rewards of working to maintain a friendship and ScribbleBunny learns to appreciate healthy foods. In ScribbleMonster and the Broken TV we advocate limiting screen-time by showing ScribbleMonster and his friends having tons of fun when the TV is off. ScribbleMonster Takes a Bath promotes the importance of celebrating difference when ScribbleMonster begins to value his own unique coloring. In the first set of ScribbleBooks we also help combat stereotypical family roles when we unveil that ScribbleMonster’s primary caregiver is his dad. ScribbleBooks also inspire creative thinking and play through the inclusion of age-appropriate activities and open-ended questions at the end of each story.

When children complete a ScribbleBook, they feel a special connection that comes with being a part of the creative process. This is a book that they helped create and want to read again and again! No pressure, but there’s no better gift for a child than the gift of ScribbleBooks!