I Really Like You, Baby

Title : I Really Like You, Baby
Release Date : November 11, 2011
Format : Digital Download



I Really Like You, Baby by ScribbleMonster

ScribbleMonster proudly announces the birth of a digital single. “I Really Like You, Baby” is a father’s sweet, poppy love song to his college-bound… newborn baby.

Primary age level, 1-108


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© 2011 Rrraargh! Music (BMI)
Words and music by James Dague
Sung by ScribbleJim

It’s no surprise, the smile in your eyes
Has totally won me over
And I really like looking at you
Who do I see, your mommy or me?
Well not that it matters, baby
I really like seeing you

Your cute little nose, your fingers and toes
Are totally awesome
You know, I really like knowing you
Precious and sweet, quite a grip when you sleep
I could hold you forever, baby
I really like holding you

I know you won’t always hold on to me
That’s why I love these moments when it’s you and I

Should there be doubt, you’re bound to find out
I undeniably love you
And that I really like loving you
And when I see, the way you love me
It makes me so happy, baby
I really like being happy with you
With you, with you,
I really like you