Night Owl and Early Bird

Title : Night Owl and Early Bird
Release Date : February 24, 2017
Format : Digital Download



Debut single from Jim and Jayne, founding members of award-winning kids and family music band ScribbleMonster. A love song celebrating the beauty of our differences, Night Owl and Early Bird is now available at iTunesAmazonCD Baby, and just about everywhere music is streamed or sold. Tell ’em ScribbleMonster sent you!

Primary age level, 2-112


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© 2017 Rrraargh! Music (BMI)
Words and music by James Dague
Sung by Jim and Jayne

Night Owl and Early Bird
Should not be friends they say
Night Owl and Early Bird
Oh what a pair they make
Night Owl loves the moonlight
And Early Bird the sun
They meet up every afternoon and
Always make some fun

Night Owl and Early Bird
Like very different things
Night Owl loves the quiet
And Early loves to sing
Both can shake their tails
And love to flap their wings
So they dance all afternoon
While singing quietly

Sometimes Night Owl will make breakfast
And sometimes Early Bird will stay up late
And when they can’t they both still
Love each other anyway

Night Owl’s a messy bird
But Early’s always neat
Night Owl loves to cook
And Early loves to eat
Night Owl’s always joking
And Early always laughs
It’s all so complimentary
These crazy fitting halves
And so Night Owl and Early Bird
They make a perfect match