Shakin’ Up The Pollen

Title : Shakin' Up The Pollen
Release Date : June 10, 2014
Format : Digital Download



Shakin’ Up The Pollen by ScribbleMonster

ScribbleMonster examines “the plight of the bumblebee” in this digital single. “Shakin’ Up The Pollen” encourages us to help our bee friends and shake things up!

Primary age level, 4-55

You can download this song for free by clicking on the little arrow pointing down on the bottom right hand corner of the player at the top of the page there. You can learn more about our friends the bees by clicking on the picture link below:

ScribbleMonster Bees


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© 2014 Rrraargh! Music (BMI)
Words and music by James Dague
Sung by ScribbleJim

Bees they need
Flowers to feed
They take a flower’s nectar
So that they can make honey
Flowers don’t have legs
And trees can’t lay eggs
But their little friends the bees
Have a waggle dance
Just perfect for…

Shakin’ up the pollen

We find today
The bees are going away
If there are no flowers
There’s no reason left to stay
All kinds of pesticides
Messing with their insides
Takin’ all their honey
Just to make a little money
It’s all…

Shakin’ up the pollen

Come on and shake it…. Buzz

We need the bees
For fruits and veggies
Without their shakin’ we would lose
A third of what we eat
Just like the bees
Help the flowers and the trees
It’s up to you and me
To keep the bees healthy
So they can keep on…

Shakin’ up the pollen