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ScribbleMonster Live

“ScribbleMonster brings energy, wit and a true understanding of what makes kids want to sing, and laugh and jump around. With their years of experience and a high level of professionalism, they create a playful environment that is both safe for kids to take chances and fun for all.”
   -Elizabeth McChesney, Child Services Director, Chicago Public Library

“The personalities of ScribbleMonster relate and connect with young audiences using a mixture of kindness, music, and humor that inspires interaction.”
   -Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

“The ScribbleMonster presentation encourages children to participate and think in creative ways, all while having fun enjoying an age-appropriate, wholesome mini rock concert.”
   -Special Events, JCPenney

“As was the case last year, both performances were fantastic. Jim and Jayne do such a wonderful job relating to our students and getting them interacting and involved. The kids (and staff) had a great time and everyone hopes to have ScribbleMonster back again. You are quickly becoming everyone’s favorite school event.”
   -MacArthur School, South Holland, IL

“ScribbleMonster plays a meld of punk and pop that parents can appreciate with lyrics that will leave youngsters singing along long after the show is over.”
   -Northwest Indiana Times

“ScribbleMonster put on a fantastic show at our public library. They had 200+ kids up and dancing and involved the entire time! We had so many compliments from parents who were pleased to discover a new group for their family to enjoy.”
   -Carolyn Fain, Youth Services Manager, Westlake Porter Public Library


ScribbleMonster Covers80

“ScribbleMonster has no shortage of songs to get you moving around.”
   -Chattanooga Parent

“The group’s signature elements, a devilish sense of humor and masterfully catchy songwriting, are definitely in full effect.”
   -Cookie Magazine

“ScribbleMonster does an excellent job of giving different age groups something to listen to and deserves space on your shelf alongside fun-for-the-family titles from bigger names like Dan Zanes, Barenaked Ladies, and They Might Be Giants.”

“Whether James Dague (aka ScribbleJim) and the rest of ScribbleMonster have written songs for children that appeal to grown-ups, or songs for grown-ups that appeal to children, they have definitely succeeded in producing an infectious disc covering a variety of musical genres.”
   -Fids and Kamily Music Awards

“ScribbleMonster plays melodic poppy rock that would fit just fine on alt-rock radio, if only alt-rock radio played songs about monsters going ‘Rrraargh!’ and imaginary friends.”
   -Minnesota Parent

“A chronicle of parent/child life, ‘Songs With No Character’ lets a mainstream sound mask its anarchic core.”
   -National Public Radio

“Possibly the edgiest kid’s band on the scene today.”
   -Pop Culture: The Sane Man’s Guide to the Insane World of New Fatherhood

“Exactly the right kind of insane genius. The arrangements are terrific and the song selections excellent.”
   -Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

“If you miss hearing the power-pop that saturated the airwaves in the early ’90s, then kids’ music might just be your best option. There are few better at that particular subgenre than Jim Dague and the rest of his compatriots in ScribbleMonster.”

Awards and Honors

ScribbleMonster Honors Awards
A Monster Goes Rrraargh! Top children’s music download on for over 4 years

AOL ParentDish
Songs with No Character named to “Best 25 Albums for Kids”

CD Baby
Best of Friends named an “Editor’s Pick”

Fids and Kamily Music Awards
Songs With No Character named a “Top 10 Kids and Family Album of the Year”

National Public Radio
Songs With No Character named a “Top 10 Kids and Family Album of the Year”

Parenting Magazine
Chocolate Milk named a “Parenting Pick”

Sirius/XM Satellite Radio
“Chocolate Milk” appeared on the XM Kids chart of the most requested songs for 37 weeks – including 3 weeks at #1. “The Song of LIFE” and “I Wish I Lived in Michigan” are also Kids Place Live #1 hits.